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TECH IN ART: Performance on the Digital Stage

Podcast with host Ward Holmquist,
interviewing musicians, artists, and arts leaders
creating and presenting on the worldwide digital stage.

108: The Fearless Classical Influencer – Dacia Clay

She dreamed of being in front of the mic with her own public radio programs.

She didn’t realize her success would come with a long running podcast about classical music and musicians.


107: Classical Composers Go Digital – Evangelos Spanos

Movement and dance is a central wellspring of this digital composer’s creativity.

Trained in the traditional classical manner, Evangelos has embraced the full array of digital tools in his compositional process.


106: The Internet Cello Studio – Ho Anthony Ahn

Ho is a former member of the Kansas City Symphony, and teaches his own private studio of students remotely.

“I’m a life coach who happens to teach cello.”


105: The Hollywood Composer Series – Matthew Janszen

Matthew is a successful young TV and film composer, living and active in the Los Angeles music industry. His over 80 credits already include scores for major film companies and animation studios, including the recent Netflix thriller Fatal Affair.


104: The Digital Stage Director – Garnett Bruce

The opera stage director is the movie director for the theater—a Steven Spielberg or J. J. Abrams type.

Garnett Bruce employs his mastery at companies of all sizes, and shares his teaching gift at the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University.


103: The Polymath Cellist – Larry Figg

Professional cellist, symphony member, teacher, arranger, audio/video composer and creator, juggler, soccer and basketball player, heavy metal band member, chess devoté…

Larry pursues all of his interests with a relentless quest for excellence and mastery.


102: The Entrepreneurial Diva – Sarah Tannehill Anderson

Sarah Tannehill Anderson is the embodiment of today’s successful classical music professional. What sets her apart is the five-year development of her online teaching and performing.


101: Flutist on Top – Michael Gordon

Ward talks with Michael Gordon, principal flute with the Kansas City Symphony about his new living room video music presentations, his development as a digital artist, and how he jumped the “perfection” hurdle.


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