Ep. 107: Classical Composers Go Digital - Evangelos Spanos

Where do music composers get their inspiration? What voice tells them what notes to write, what sounds to use or create, what musical forms to employ?

For pianist and composer Dr. Evangelos Spanos, it’s clear that movement and dance is a central wellspring for his creativity. He began accompanying ballet and dance classes in his teens, where the daily work requires the pianist to observe and interpret the wordless demands of ballet masters and choreographers to provide in-the-moment music to support, interpret, and enhance the the artistic messages of bodily movement.

Evangelos is representative of the group of composers who were originally trained as classical musicians, steeped in the rigorous study of traditional methods and forms in play for the last 300 years. However, with the recent developments of computing, he and his colleagues have embraced all the current digital technologies to create new evocative sounds, timbres and instruments that exist only in the ether as ones and zeros of machine code.

This episode is another installment in a series of interviews with composers who work largely in the digital realm, encompassing the traditional methods of note writing as well as all the new disciplines of sound creation, digital audio workstations, and performance.

Dr. Spanos is a Greek/American composer and pianist whose current creative work encompasses both theatrical and pure music projects. His most recent work includes commissions from dance companies, including the Kansas City Ballet and the Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, who recently performed his composition Parallel Lives at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


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