Ep. 105: The Hollywood Composer Series - Matthew Janszen

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The music creation and performance profession continues to evolve. There is no greater test of an artist’s talent, skill, and determination than to support oneself and family in an arena that does NOT rely on not-for-profit IRS status to survive. This is the tricky, winding road between individual expression and mass appeal.

Mozart died penniless. Bach had a full time church job all his life to support himself, his two wives, and his 20 children. It’s a tough road.

Matthew Janszen is a successful young TV and film composer, living and active in the Los Angeles music industry. His over 80 credits already include scores for major film companies and animation studios, including the just released Netflix thriller Fatal Affair.

Trained and active in music as a youth, Matthew was drawn back to the music profession as he completed his degree in engineering at Purdue University. His natural intellectual abilities mated with his love of music, and he chose to become a composer. Over time he has become an expert in every aspect of the digital music creation process that has become standard the world over. His is a classic example of the wide skill set required for composers to succeed in today’s for-profit music world. If you have any curiosity about what is involved in the process, you will be fascinated when he describes his studio and Internet-based collaborative system that results in the music you hear when you watch a film or animation on your own device.

Matthew show us what is required to be a competitively successful member of the for profit music creation world.



  1. Cucuy: The Boogeyman (Syfy) - Cucuy Showdown [00:00]
  2. Cucuy: The Boogeyman (Syfy) - Sisters [00:31]
  3. "Everything Sounds Better When It's Sung" from Archibald's Next Big Thing (DreamWorks/Netflix) [18:42]
  4. Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!  (Warner Bros./Cartoon Network) - Wraith Chase [22:33]
  5. ThunderCats Roar! (Warner Bros. Animation/Cartoon Network) - Main Title [32:08]
  6. Christmas Under Wraps (Hallmark Channel) - Main Theme [48:04]


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